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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)

November. 13,2012

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.



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Ava-Grace Willis

Story: It's very simple but honestly that is fine.


The movie is made so realistic it has a lot of that WoW feeling at the right moments and never tooo over the top. the suspense is done so well and the emotion is felt. Very well put together with the music and all.


I usually don't write negative reviews, but I had to give my opinion on this movie. I had originally only watched parts of it, but my mom forced me to watch a huge portion of the movie. It was awful, just awful! I've never been a huge Twilight fan to begin with. The only reason I have any interaction with it is because of my mom, who is a die hard fan. I haven't read the books, but I've seen most of the movies. I only like the first one, and mainly because of the amazing soundtrack.There were so many things wrong with this movie. First of all, I cannot stand the disgusting CGI baby. Why would they do that? There is seriously no reason for it at all. And the fact that the baby from the very beginning is supposed to have an imprint with Jacob? Like maybe there is a possibility that she will grow up and fall in love with him and be with him? I find that weird and disturbing. I know that it's not supposed to be like that... But still... Also I hate how they try to make seem Bella all cool, strong, and tough now that she's a vampire. I find it really annoying. The acting isn't really that great and the jokes are nearly unbearable. And really, they can't tell Bella's dad that she is a vampire but they can tell him Jacob is a werewolf? Really? And Bella knew for many years as a human that they were vampires. All in all, I recommend people watch the honest trailer on YouTube for this movie, it is so hilarious! It will really show you how bad this movie is. I even read some other reviews on this movie saying that Stephen King said this story was bad. I'm not a fan of Stephen King, but I know he is an excellent writer, so that's really saying something about how terrible this movie is.


I have been waiting to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2, and now that I have watched it I'm surprised at somethings throughout the whole movie. This film is a drama/fantasy typed story.Bella being the main female character has to male figures after her. Jacob and Edward, as seen in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 she stay with Edward. Part one seems more realistic than this movie because of the way they use computer programs(as so portrayed) to build up characters. As we all know Bella and Edward have get married and end up having a baby, then Bella "dies". Throughout this whole movie, as a viewer you could tell that the baby, Renesmee is a computer fantasy per say. She does not look realist at all well at some times she will but throughout the movie she mostly looks fake. The main point of this movie is that they are trying to protect the baby from the Volturi because they have declared her as an immortal child, that has to be put to death. There were many interesting points. There were a lot of angles, camera movement, lighting,and sound that you could totally pin point. When Bella is waking up they have a close range shot, they start very zoomed in the eye and then they zoom out slowly and to show the rest of her body.They do a long shot view of when they(Bella and Edward) go chasing after her meal. In this shot they show them take a long jump/leap to get onto the other side of the hill. They used a Pan movement to introduce the scene of when they enter the woods hunting. When out running they use tracking shots, which is when the camera is moved to follow the movement of the character. This movie had natural lighting throughout the whole thing. I rated this film a 6/10 because I was very bleak toward the fact that the daughter was based on a computer program and it bothered me at full length because I couldn't really focus on certain scenes when the girl showed up because of how fake she had looked. So if you don't like seeing movies like that, that have computerized characters than i would not recommend this film. Other than that issue it is a very pleasant movie to watch because they continue the story board as expected and don't have surprises. I would recommend you to watch it and see how the story continues.

Nikita Wannenburgh

I really enjoyed this. The story benefited a lot from real conflict this time; a wonderful change from the Edward-Bella-Jacob love- triangle that has dominated the rest of the series. And like all Twilights, it has both pros and cons: The dialogue is weak and the script is mediocre. Despite some awkward and very bad CGI – like the baby Renesmee - the cinematography is admittedly decent, and there are strong and ultimately gorgeous presentations of family, friends, and marriage. Although the film starts off slow, the conflict is stronger and the tension builds to satisfying conclusion. The acting is pretty much the same. Taylor Lautner is awful – reinforcing the fact that he CANNOT act to save his life – Robert Pattinson is very good (I was really impressed with his performance) and Kristen Stewart - now a gorgeous vampire - is actually rather decent; although NOT when she's acting angry or "thirsty", in which case she's inconsistent and comes across very fake. Unfortunately, Bella as a vampire is also completely un-relatable, and coupled with her frequent bad acting, she definitely isn't much of an improvement from her usual human self; although the one good thing is that she actually fights this time, and isn't such a damsel. The supporting cast are the same as always – nods go to Billy Burke for being one of the best things about this series – but the real highlight is the awesome international cast that make up the Cullens' vampire friends. Unfortunately, it's these good actors – including Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning who play members of the Volturi - who get the small parts, yet they shine brilliantly whenever they are allowed some screen time. Undoubtedly, the epic end battle is the one thing that glows in this final Twilight. Essentially, it's exciting and emotionally gripping, with great acting from the supporting cast and Robert Pattinson. But despite being a great battle, it has flaws that most Twihards will probably miss, but anyone else not completely won over by the franchise will certainly not. The emotion is on point, thankfully, but the choreography is disgustingly stilted and slow, while acting from the leads (with a few exceptions) is frequently bad. Ashley Green – with the spotlight on her character Alice and her mate Jasper for a fair amount of time – acts shockingly badly with inconsistent, half- hearted emotion. This is very disappointing, considering the strength of her character and the fact that Alice's vampire husband gets killed; she simply should be delivering more. Unfortunately, this made me take Green's whole performance in the Saga into account, and conclude that she holds together a decent performance until emotion or depth comes her way; in just case, she fades out and comes across milky and halfhearted. The emotional scene with Jasper's death required a strong reaction, and she ultimately failed that one. The Saga does wrap up beautifully. We get gorgeous flowers, pretty words, and beautiful flashbacks to Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years"; our two gorgeous leads sit in the meadow and kiss with chemistry, finishing off the Saga perfectly. As a side note, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is literally telling us all to become vampires because heck, looks are all that matter and if it comes at the price of drinking blood, why not? I have to say they're off on that one, but becoming vampires is kinda not an option, so I'll stop worrying.

Moacir Fuhr

I'm a huge fan of the series written by Stephenie Meyer, and I really think the first four films are really good. But in this movies many mistakes were made. serious mistakes that greatly compromised the quality of the film. First, all the visual effects of Renesmee, the half-vampire daughter, half-human Bella. I believe they were the worst visual effects I ever seen in my life. Another issue: many new characters appear in this film, and the director could not carry it to the screen in order to make them interesting. Not to mention that the South American vampire dress up as Indians, and not in a good way. They were quite ridiculous. And finally the final scene with the meeting of all vampires. I saw the documentary of the production. These scenes were shot over several weeks in a gigantic studio set. The fact is that all vampires were in serious trouble in the makeup during this sequence, I don't know if because there was a change in the light, for coloring of the scenes or what it was. But the appearance of vampires was plastic and very ugly. I could go on citing defects in this film, it is difficult to find many qualities indeed. The film fails to capture the magic of the other films. But I still think the final action scene saved the movie a little.