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The Dreamers

The Dreamers (2003)

September. 01,2003

A young American studying in Paris in 1968 strikes up a friendship with a French brother and sister. Set against the background of the '68 Paris student riots.



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Sorry, this movie sucks


This is a gorgeous movie made by a gorgeous spirit.

Derry Herrera

Not sure how, but this is easily one of the best movies all summer. Multiple levels of funny, never takes itself seriously, super colorful, and creative.

Kirandeep Yoder

The joyful confection is coated in a sparkly gloss, bright enough to gleam from the darkest, most cynical corners.


As a objective viewer (as I have never seen a Bertolucci film) I found it a needlessly long film making a documentary about the life of 2 brothers and a friend, all carefree young adults living off the money of the parents of the 2 brothers and doing nothing all day long, set in the background of France during the student's riots. Aside from that, it has no plot, little to no romance, lots of explicit scenes of nudity, incest and nonsense scenes.


I really enjoyed this fine making of a good cinema which added a final touch to its art of expression. It was fascinating to see how conservatively educated american (mathew) adjusts to the life of Theo and Isabelle finally loosing all of their innocence.Be strong enough to understand the situations that the characters find themselves in, that is the reality of the outer world. The characters are finely portrayed, as they almost talk about all the subjects of thoughts not shying away from any controversies. This move gets deeper and deeper and characters get more and more complex.The Dreamers is all about complex characters in vividity to life. Strictly for Artistic lovers.


The movie is set against a backdrop of the 1968 student rebellion in France. What a storm in a tea-cup. And on the DVD, endless extras regarding this non-event. Don't bother to watch, they needn't have bothered to include. The two male leads I just didn't like. But as for Mademoiselle Eva Green, ooh la la! Now there's one to fly the tricolor up high! Without her delightful presence here, I wouldn't have bothered even thinking about this movie. With her in it, as beautiful as she is, well, I don't mind the otherwise seriously flawed bits too much.Her nude scenes are just absolutely mesmerizing, with a close-up of her fluffy region, even. Her breasts are full, her cups overflow, she is most charming. And glorious as she is, she is as nature made her. That's best of all!Bernardo Bertolucci gave the world LAST TANGO IN Paris, and if they had stuck to the original novel, I hear it would have been just exactly that, a last tango in Paris, as the original story ended in tragedy. He also made not only STEALING BEAUTY, but made a star out of Liv Tyler. To this day, I cannot thank him enough. The great man just needs better scripts. Hell, he works with world-class A+ stunning actresses, but the movies themselves...Sorry, Bernardo, but STEALING BEAUTY this one ain't.


I had watched The Dreamers a very long time ago, but it was just nude clips on DailyMotion; I never realized that a movie with NC-17 could have any aesthetic potential, so I thought, "Why bother going through the whole piece?" Now that I was ahead of the "hetro erectus" phase, I watched The Dreamers again, this time whole of it, and I swear, I didn't have any interest in watching those scenes while I was just in the initial stages. This implies that the movie was made for a whole lot of reasons, but nudity was not one of them. Audacity and explicitness might be. The Dreamers dreams high. It talks about world at a small-scale and minuscule level, it talks about the every-day interaction patterns, and what these patterns symbolize. It talks about the cognitive confusions, dilemmas, predicaments, and everything baffling about this world. It talks about how not every individual agrees with the norm, in fact, doesn't even agree to them being norm. Such individuals consider their lives resembling superficiality, and consider themselves agents of it. They associate every move and variation of their life with the one elsewhere. The Dreamers bring such people to reality. I'm an authority because I'm too, on so many levels, exhibiting the same views of myself. The script isn't something that only true movie and media lovers will understand and like. For others, it's just three beautiful people in France talking and doing crap for ninety-something minutes. The Dreamers talks about incest, because for the people it talks about, it is one of the sexual relationships that have gone awry from the main course of socialization; it's not considered a norm, while it should be. Incest is just like any other physical bond. You see, the movie uses sexuality, and nudity as agents of vision, not pleasure, which fags of modern-day drama do. The Dreamers uses ordinary people in ordinary circumstances with extraordinary personalities. These personalities are not the tycoon, magnate ones; they're only commonly uncommon, if that makes any sense. The Dreamers elucidates what's the figment of my imagination (reality while I'm fully submerged into that phase) when I'm listening to Marriage of Figaro or Mozart in general. I'm stuck by the same gust of dreaming and Lego-making when I listen to him, or watch a sentimental movie (not just romance, I mean even Interstellar hit me pretty badly.) The Dreamers provides several links, connections, references, causations and correlations to movies, behave in certain ways reminiscent to those performed in the movies (that's when I started loving Eva Green. Still do.) Eva Green was out of all three, much better in reflecting the theme of the movie. The others just played their part I'd say. Verdict: Don't watch it if you're even a mild-philistine. You'll know if you're because all philistines don't know what philistine means. I know that was patronizing; I'm like that sometimes.