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Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill (2008)

September. 11,2008

Two veteran New York City detectives work to identify the possible connection between a recent murder and a case they believe they solved years ago; is there a serial killer on the loose, and did they perhaps put the wrong person behind bars?



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Tobias Burrows

It's easily one of the freshest, sharpest and most enjoyable films of this year.


Pacino and DeNiro, an unbeatable combination but then add a load of A list actors and you have a recipe for a seriously good movie. A clever story with an unexpected twist, generally well acted and well worth watching. Retained for future viewing.


Noooooo, just noooooooooooo!I was disappointed that they were only ever in one scene together, but in many ways it would have been the perfect legend if they had have only done that scene. it is a brilliant scene, two actors at the top of their game struggling against each other to control the scene - amazing.If they were to make a film together it should have been earlier on in their careers when they were stronger performers, but if they had to do it now they should have picked summat far better than this.It is moronic, it has no suspense, the lines are so clichéd it is toe curling, they both are mediocre in it at best - though given the material it may not be their fault.It has pretensions of being summat smarter which is really unforgivable when it is so ploddingly obvious.destroy every copy of this film and pretend it never existed.


While I know Robert De Niro and Al Pacino had previously appeared in The Godfather, Part II in separate scenes, and in Heat only together in a few sequences, I hadn't watched those so this movie truly marked the first time I watched them together in the same film when I stumbled into it after the opening credits when recently watching on TV at a Filipino house. There's some funny pop culture references between them early on (I especially liked the one Pacino said about The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family!) and they chew the scenery admirably around the other players. Perhaps not a great film compared to their previous two I just mentioned but Righteous Kill was entertaining enough nearly from the start of the first scene that I managed to get to watch to the way it ended. So, yeah, that's a recommendation.


Here's a film that really surprised me, something that was more engagingly entertaining as it went along, though a slight bit messy. I love movies like that. How many films have there been, where serial killers are cops? Not many, where I found the whole experience refreshingly original, and admirable. Pacino and Deniro reunite as veteran cops, working a case involving the murders of scumbags who've evaded jail, where justice has failed one too many times. This thriller throws in an old trick, among other cliché'd ones, making you really believe early in the piece, Deniro's really the guy, in a lot of consistent flashback interviews where he's venting and describing the atrocities and unsavory acts of these dead executed scumbags. With thriller tricks like this, you know it must be someone else, or later, you rethink, may'be it is Deniro. May'be it is. Being hip to this, like a few other smart minds, I was right earlier with my answer. But as the movie progresses, a few other suspects, surfaced, even one unlawful party, which had me pointing fingers at these few, even our duo's aging, tired Captain (Dennehy), momentarily. We have a warring cop duo working with finest in the forms of Wahlberg senior and Leguizamo, who has a hard on for Deniro's character Turk. I must say RK opened up, like a few cheesy and really bad b grade pics started, and I was worried, but man, this film gets you in. I really found Pacino, lost with his character, trying to find it, as he didn't really seem in the mind set, as though he was clinging to a former role, and saying, "Well being such a great actor, I have to away with it. Playing it down, like he did in 88 Minutes, he really wasn't offering much to the role here as Rooster, Turk's best friend and partner, which you will see as far as his characterization goes, really puts the thriller element, at risk. I really found this film though, such an entertaining one, although it's not gonna remembered in these acting legends filmographies. But it was a chance, again to see these two acting greats, play off each other, which kind of hoping it would be in a better film than this. Oz's Trilby Glover, is just another prime example of HOTNESS.