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Leatherface (2017)

September. 14,2017

Prequel to the Texas Chainsaw movie series set during the formative years of "Leatherface".



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It's a bad movie, but more than that, it's a bad _Texas Chainsaw Massacre_._Final rating:★?: - Boring/disappointing. Avoid where possible._


A prequel/origin showing the proper descent into madness n explaining the story of the young Leatherface's evolution into a deranged killer.---Saw this recently on a DVD. Having enjoyed Bustillo n Maurys previous works (Inside, Livid n Among the living) n having seen all the seven parts of TCM, i was looking forward to this. Well, i wasn't disappointed. Surprisingly i got more than i bargained for. As a fan of road horror/thriller movies, this movie turned out to b a perfect combo. The film is suspenseful, tensed n at times brutal, the film will keep u guessing who's Leatherface. The movie succeeded in paying homage to: 1)There is a psychotic couple on the run who kills people mercilessly a la Natural born killers. 2)There is a bonding between two boys in which one fella takes care of the other deranged fella a la Of Mice and men. 3)There is a cop who is hell bent on revenge from a deranged family a la Devils rejects. 4)This is indeed a befitting prequel a la Hannibal Rising, explaining the story of the young Leatherface's evolution into a deranged killer. 5)It does have shades of One flew over the cuckoos nest. 6)There is a scene which is similar from the Revenant n another brutal scene from another film.... The previous prequel showed him as a mentally n deformed face fellow who just kills but this prequel showed a proper descent into madness n the trauma at a young age which does make for a more entertaining origin story. While the 1974 original will forever be a classic without showing on screen violence, this film does have some very brutal violence but not the kind of gore which is there in the remake n the its prequel. Surprisingly good star cast n solid acting by Dorff n Taylor.


Not so bad if you wan't to lose appetite---It feels like Seth M. Sherwood, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, have only watched One flew over the cuckoo's nest, The silence of the lambs, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and a lots of Mexican Telenovelas (because of the plots), and than they decided to make this movie. But still great makeup, and costumes, lots of blood and horrendous scenes, just like some decent horror should have.

Claudio Carvalho

The Origin of Leatherface---In 1955, in Texas, the teenage daughter of Sheriff Hartman (Stephen Dorf), Betty (Lorina Kamburova) and her boyfriend Ted (Julian Kostov) are driving along a lonely road kissing each other when Ted almost hit something on the road. He stops his truck and Betty realizes that is a child is asking for help. She follows him and is trapped in a derelict barn and killed by the dysfunctional Sawyer family under the command of the matriarch Verna (Lili Taylor). When Sheriff Hartman learns that he beloved daughter was killed, he sends the boy Jed Sawyer to a mental institution called the Gorman House Youth Reformatory as avenge. Ten years later, the idealistic nurse Elizabeth "Lizzie" White (Vanessa Grasse) is hired by the Gorman House and soon she befriends the teenagers Bud (Sam Coleman) and Jackson (Sam Strike). But Verna comes to the institution with a lawyer bringing an injunction expecting to see her son Jed that had his name changed. However the director Doctor Lang (Christopher Adamson) rejects the document and Verna leaves the security doors open to let the patients to escape. There is a havoc in the mental institution and the violent Ike (James Bloor) and his girlfriend Clarice (Jessica Madsen) steal a car and bring Bud and Jackson and decide to abduct Lizzie as hostage. Hartman learns what happened in the Gorman House and hunts the escapees down with his men, following the crime spree left by Ile and Clarice."Leatherface" is a horror film that explains the origin of Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. The film is underrated maybe because its release timing more than forty years after the release of the original "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974). But the storyline, screenplay, direction, performances and makeup are remarkable. My vote is seven.Title (Brazil): Not Availale

Iliescu Victor

A prequel we never asked for---I cant say that i had that much expectations from this movie, let alone hoped for a good story. If you thought the remake from 2013 (Texas Chainsaw) was dull and cringe, this one no is difference. For more than half of the movie, I questioned myself why is called Leatherface, the action never calling for the well known killer nor his reputation. If you had no knowledge of him, one would assume is just another movie about a mentally ill killer, scaring off some teenagers and hunting them down. The acting is not bad but could be a lot better, the plot is probably the biggest downside of this prequel, having too many stupid scenes. Not that many references to Leatherface at all, apart from the beginning and the ending. A foreseable ending was also a big downside, which made me to set a 6 out of 10 just as a pityful note because I like the TCM as a series.Only watch this if you have time to spare on a rainy day.