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Abner, the Invisible Dog
4.1 2013
A bullied teen stumbles into possession of a top-secret government formula that turns his dog invisible and gives it the power of speech.
The Invisible Lighthouse
9 2013
Thomas Dolby documentary focusing on Orford Ness lighthouse on the Suffolk coast.
The Invisible Life
5.4 2013
There is a long night when Hugo, a civil servant, is sitting on the stairs of the Ministry where he works. He can’t face going home. The images of the mysterious 8 mm films he found in António’s house after he passed away keep coming back to his mind. Hugo remembers the day when Antonio, his superior at the Ministry, told him that he was going to die. Indirectly, Antonio seemed to want to tell him something about Hugo himself. Hugo’s desire to understand what had remained unsaid between the two of them, triggers other memories from the past. Hugo unexpectedly thinks back on the last time he saw the woman he loved, Adriana, and relives once more what he feels has been his unlived life.
Griff the Invisible
6.1 2011
Griff, office worker by day, superhero by night, has his world turned upside down when he meets Melody, a beautiful young scientist who shares his passion for the impossible.
All the Invisible Children
7.5 2005
Seven short films - each one focused on the plight of a different child protagonist.
The Invisible Avenger
6.5 1954
A car strikes an unseen object; blood spreads from an invisible source which becomes visible as the bleeding man dies. He carries with him a suicide note dedicated to his only friend, who is also an invisible man. An eager young reporter tracks down Takemitsu Nanjo, a war veteran who makes his living visibly, painting his face like a clown's and carrying advertising signs. His favorite neighbor is a little blind girl whose mother is running afoul of local gangsters. The gangsters have been terrorizing the city as "the invisible gang," wrapping themselves up in scarves and trenchcoats so as to be visible to their victims, even though they are supposed to be invisible underneath. Once they discover Nanjo, who is defending his only friends, they beat him and leave him for dead.
The Invisible Wall
6.4 1947
A former GI gets his old job back working for a bookie after returning from serving in the military. Unfortunately, he loses the $20,000 he was supposed to deliver to gambling and a con artist. His attempts to get the money back leads to bigger problems including a murder plot.
The Invisible Woman
6.1 1940
Kitty Carroll, an attractive store model, volunteers to become a test subject for a machine that will make her invisible so that she can use her invisibility to exact revenge on her ex-boss.
The Invisible Collection
0 2020
The 1920s, Germany, times of hyperinflation. A young antique dealer realizes that his father’s shop is on the verge of going bankrupt. While going through the journal records, he finds notes about an old client, who owns a priceless collection. He decides to go to the province, hoping to buy it for dirt-cheap.
Symphony Of The Invisible
0 2020
"Symphony of the Invisible" is a reflection on creation and how through art, poetry and images you can break the limits that have been imposed on language and life itself.