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33 - Love And Marriage
May. 11,2020

A bad choice of clothes makes it easy for deputies to tail a runaway biker; a married man doesn't seem too concerned when his wife gets taken to jail; a marital spat becomes more serious once an innocent teenager gets involved.

32 - Dog Days Are Over
May. 04,2020
31 - Taking The Low Road
April. 27,2020

Police go off-roading to follow a stolen car, a man has odd excuses for having suspicious items, and an officer settles a dispute between a wife and her jealous husband.

30 - Counterfeit Cruising
April. 13,2020

Passengers tumble out one-by-one during a car chase; officers point out a dubious item stuck to a suspect's pants; the occupants of a stolen vehicle claim they fell victim to a mysterious woman.

29 - New Car Smell
April. 06,2020
28 - Gun in the Gutter
March. 30,2020
27 - You Got It Twisted
March. 23,2020
26 - Slow and Unsteady
March. 16,2020
25 - Points for Neatness
March. 09,2020

Police are surprised when one burglary suspect returns to support his partner in crime; deputies jump back in their cruiser when a strange car takes off without warning; a man puts his organizational skills to bad use.

24 - Breathing Fire
March. 02,2020
23 - Not Up For Debate
February. 24,2020
22 - Too Little Too Late
February. 10,2020

Seemingly cooperative driver snaps at a traffic stop; known traffic offender is caught with more than a suspended license; eviction notice does little to stop a belligerent woman from breaking into a trailer.

21 - If the Shoe Fits
February. 03,2020

Officers uncover a shoplifter's haul, but he insists he had charitable intentions; a supposed baseball fan is found with numerous illicit items in his car; and a traffic stop for dark tint leads to a slew of problems for the driver.

20 - Hammer to Fall
January. 28,2020

The possibility of a hefty prison sentence scares a suspect into running from an officer. Deputies talk some sense into two parents who need help. Police try to contain an irate woman who attacked her ex-boyfriend with a hammer.

19 - Thicker Than Water
January. 15,2020

A family calls the police when they realize an intruder is in their house; a mother asks her son to seek help after deputies find some unsavory items in his car; tensions reach a breaking point for a young man and his stepdad.

18 - Barely There
January. 06,2020

Officers deal with a delirious man who was found naked on his neighbor’s porch; a driver tries to ditch cops on foot but mistakenly leaves his shoes behind; an argumentative couple has trouble moving on from a tragic event.

17 - Cracking the Code
October. 07,2019

A trespassing suspect asks a lot of questions instead of answering them; deputies uncover a heap of contraband during a traffic stop; exes do their best to tolerate each other for a few more hours until one leaves for rehab.

16 - Welcome Home
September. 30,2019

A driver escapes a traffic stop and pretends to be a laundromat customer; a young man gets pulled over on his way to a party; deputies respond to a distressed woman whose ex-boyfriend locked her out of the house.

15 - I Told You So
September. 23,2019

A woman's birthday ends with a foot pursuit; deputies are skeptical when a suspect claims he was given a freebie; Grandma comes to the rescue when a scared teen gets pulled over without a license.

14 - Instant Regret
September. 16,2019

An apologetic motorcyclist is lucky to be alive after crashing out on a dark road; deputies question two passengers during a traffic stop; a young driver admits his situation doesn't look good when police pull him over.

13 - Brush with Trouble
August. 27,2019

Vehicles peel out of a parking lot when officers arrive to break up a street race; a goofy driver tries to crack jokes to lessen the seriousness of his mistake, and a wanted woman cares more about her oral hygiene than her warrant.

12 - Parental Guidance
August. 19,2019

A driver tries to escape through an occupied driveway, a man and his dad are found possessing more than just drugs, and five teenagers learn how weed can impact their future.

11 - Dash and Salt
August. 12,2019

Nerves get the better of one woman when she tries to elude a deputy on a bike; deputies come to a decision after two animated exes tell their sides of the story; a man's choice in seasonings raises a red flag for police.

10 - Front Seat Fumble
August. 05,2019

A convenience store confrontation turns into a parking lot skirmish; an uncoordinated car passenger attracts deputies' attention; a suspicious man swears he peeked into a closed store because he wanted to read their menu.

9 - Out of Breath
July. 29,2019

A wanted burglary suspect exhausts himself after jumping too many fences; officers engage in a tense standoff with a felon who won't come out of his grandma's house; things go south for a man with a questionable-looking moped.

8 - Red in the Face
July. 22,2019

Emotions run high after a mom with a warrant fails to elude deputies; police pull over a habitual traffic offender after they spot him behind the wheel; cops roll up to a reported fight and find evidence of a bloody argument.

7 - Mommy Loves You
July. 15,2019

A protective mother tries to hide her daughter deputies... and consequences; police search for the key to a mysterious glove compartment; a rideshare driver gets pulled over when her passenger raises deputies' suspicions.

6 - Truck Amok
July. 03,2019

A man in cuffs tries to bet deputies that he can outrun them next time; a teenager can't deny the evidence that places him at the scene of a robbery; sparks go flying when a trucker takes his whole family on a high-speed chase.

5 - Don't Fence Me In
July. 01,2019

Deputies react quickly and nab a suspect with a penchant for identity theft; two women learn the value of keeping track of what's in their bags; police help a high school student understand that his parents just want the best for him.

4 - Any Way You Slice It
June. 19,2019

A young man turns on his crew after their night of joyriding gets cut short; an unlucky pizza delivery driver flags down police after getting robbed; Deputies identify a distinctive scent when they pull over a suspicious car.

3 - Father Figure
June. 17,2019

Everyone is on edge after a deranged man harasses his sister and her coworkers; a driver plays innocent during a traffic stop, but his passengers call his bluff; a man with a checkered past vows to do better by his young son.

2 - Ounce of Confidence
June. 10,2019

A shop owner gets a big surprise when a runaway offender hides in her store; deputies pull over a moving van and find more than furniture in the back; police confront a woman about trespassing for the third time in a week.

1 - Episode 1
June. 05,2019


Follow real-life law enforcement officers from various regions and departments of the United States armed with nothing but with cameras to capture their actions, performing their daily duty to serve and protect the public.

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