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19 - Bedroom & Bathroom Week
September. 23,2020

Luke and Jasmin are having a very bad day while Sarah and George have returned raring to go, Dan is shocked.

18 - Bedroom & Bathroom Week Continues
September. 22,2020

The teams are back at The Block after COVID-19 shutdown. Will dirty Harry pay for the price for being sneaky?

17 - Bedroom & Bathroom Week Begins
September. 21,2020

Get you tissues ready for the most emotional episode of The Block ever.

16 - Master Ensuite Reveal
September. 20,2020

The teams have overcome hurdles to produce some of the best bathrooms ever. Find out who wins and takes home the $10,000 cash.

15 - Master Ensuite Week Continues
September. 16,2020

The Block parents face a tough decision, the stress is mounting, and one contestant is accused of dobbing.

14 - Master Ensuite Week continues
September. 15,2020

Tonight's episode tugs on the heartstrings as the parents are offered a chance to reunite their families.

13 - Master Ensuite Week Begins
September. 14,2020

Keith loses his patience and wants to kick someone off The Block.

12 - Master Bedroom & Walk-In-Robe Reveal
September. 13,2020

Which team takes home $10,000 cash and which team's room do the judges deem a disaster?

11 - Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week
September. 09,2020

Which contestant seems to be suffering from memory loss and which team have a massive target on their backs?

10 - Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week Continues
September. 08,2020

The Block is full of razzamatazz as Shelly and Scotty morph into gameshow hosts in the hotly contested agent challenge "Block It In".

9 - Master Bedroom & Walk-in-Robe Week
September. 07,2020

All the teams get together for a lavish winners are grinner's dinner. But, Harry is not smiling. Has the load become too heavy for him?

8 - Guest Ensuite Room Reveal
September. 06,2020

Scotty's brother makes a welcome appearance on site and the judges deliver their verdict on the team's guest ensuites. Who will take out the $10,000 prize money?

7 - Guest Ensuite Week
September. 02,2020

Shelley and Scotty call out a contestant for shifty behaviour and one of the Blockheads has a medical emergency.

6 - Guest Ensuites Continue
September. 01,2020

Bad news from home rocks one couple's world. Meanwhile, there is a storm brewing and it brings with it a world of pain.

5 - Guest Ensuites Begin
August. 31,2020

Guest ensuites are proving challenging for the contestants and there are tears aplenty.

4 - Guest Bedrooms Revealed
August. 30,2020

Judges Darren Palmer, Neale Whitaker and Shaynna Blaze judge the contestants first room. Who takes out the biggest room reveal prize in The Block's history?

3 - Guest Bedrooms Continue
August. 25,2020

Scotty drops a bombshell which adds extra pressure on the teams this week.

2 - Guest Bedrooms Begin
August. 24,2020

The winner of the house decider challenge is announced, and the contestants get started on their first room this series.

1 - Welcome to the Block
August. 23,2020

Five new teams arrive at the Block Brighton to find five derelict houses from 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940 and 1950. But who will choose which house?


Couples compete against each other to renovate houses and sell them at auction for the highest price.

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