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The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

November. 14,2015

An epic journey into the world of dinosaurs where an Apatosaurus named Arlo makes an unlikely human friend.



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Please don't spend money on this.


good film but with many flaws


A brilliant film that helped define a genre

Arianna Moses

Let me be very fair here, this is not the best movie in my opinion. But, this movie is fun, it has purpose and is very enjoyable to watch.


The person who made this was on a bad acid trip. That's the only excuse I can think of for this thing with horrible story elements! What the producers were thinking when they read the script makes me think the whole crew was stoned. Maybe it was a bet, "I'll make the stupidest movie, sell it under Disney's Pixar, and people will love it!" The premise ... a mentally evolved dinosaur at the dawn of mankind. Man, though he wears clothes and has the hands and dexterity to use tools ... is a dog. Literally. The dinosaur, who can only use his mouth to manipulate tools and items, somehow has ropes and creates baskets, thatched roofs, etc.... somehow creates a farm dwelling in the middle of nowhere, with no other dinosaurs around, in the mountains ... growing corn. Yes. Corn. The cowardly dinosaur falls into the river and gets swept SOOOOO far away that he takes days to get home. But when he falls down a huge swollen waterfall, he just ambles out just a tiny bit winded. I think of all the Disney productions I have ever watched, this is the worst. I would have given it ONE star, except the CGI was really good. Especially with the vistas. The character design ... well, certainly not Pixar's best, that's for certain. So, I gave it 3 stars because kids will enjoy it and visually adults will be good with it ... though I expect most to be as disgusted with the story elements as I was. IF you are going to watch it, I hope you find it for free as I expect you'll be severely disappointed if you pay to watch it.


Hi allNot sure why people are giving this movie bad reviews?!?! Watched it for the first time recently and have subsequently watched it hundreds of times as my 19 month old is glued to it and I'm a real fan myself as an has a good story, great characters, friendships,highly emotional with a powerful message...a real lovely film!Watch it for yourself before you draw your conclusion about it...personally I think it's better than inside out...not that inside out is bad but personally I prefer the good dinosaur!


This movie isn't one of Pixar's best, but it is a nice film. I enjoyed the relationship between Spot and Arlo. It was endearing and adorable. I found it enjoyable to watch their relationship grow during their pilgrimage to find Arlo's home. With that said, it was really sad. The movie is heavy on grief and heartache. The humor that there was definitely helped balance that out, but I think it was one of the more solemn films from Pixar. It's non-stop hardship and it got a bit depressing. However, there are a lot of really sweet moments about family and friendship that made me smile. I think parents will get more out of this than kids, but the movie is certainly entertaining for both adults and children.


Other reviews are too extreme in either direction, I feel.Pros: Beautifully rendered, hyper-realistic scenery. I constantly found myself in awe of the sheer artistic talent that went into creating the mountains, trees, and water. I even thought for a second that the water had to have been video-recorded and spliced in. The premise of the movie was also incredibly promising. Detail went into certain aspects of the characters; for instance, Arlo's toes would spread when he put weight on them. Additionally, the movie seemed to be TRYING for positive messages: it's okay to be afraid, not everyone can be judged by their appearance, etc.Cons: Everything else. The characters themselves are not very interesting aside from the first thought of "That's not what I expected." Accents and lifestyles are, however, pretty stereotypical after that. The "good dinosaur" is not really good; he's mostly afraid and looking for help (see below for example). He's jealous of his brothers. The brothers exhibit bullying behavior. There are a couple of scenes that seem to be hinting at drug use. My biggest hangup: There is no reason that the characters had to be a dinosaur and a human. It's like a boy and his dog got re-skinned as these other species in an attempt to draw in a crowd. I wanted it to be more DINOSAUR-ish!!Anyway, I've seen worse movies, but this was a disappointment, especially coming from Pixar. My toddler liked the dinosaur, but she didn't get the subtly projected social messages--negative or positive. I did, and I don't care for most of them.**MILD SPOILER** Arlo does not spare the kid out of compassion, but out of fear. How, then, is Arlo "good?!"