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Goosebumps (2015)

August. 05,2015

A teenager teams up with the daughter of young adult horror author R.L. Stine after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware.



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To me, this movie is perfection.


At first rather annoying in its heavy emphasis on reenactments, this movie ultimately proves fascinating, simply because the complicated, highly dramatic tale it tells still almost defies belief.

Mathilde the Guild

Although I seem to have had higher expectations than I thought, the movie is super entertaining.


The film's masterful storytelling did its job. The message was clear. No need to overdo.


Without exaggeration, Goosebumps is one of the best comedy movies I've seen in a while. The humor works almost perfectly. Specially, as all the characters are so likable, even Champ who is this kind of dumb characters that are often turn out to be very annoying in many other movies like this. Honestly, sometimes Champ went too far, and some of his jokes fall flat, but that didn't make this character annoying, not in the slightest! I can't believe how many times I laughed out loud! Almost every single joke hits the mark. This movie also is as heartwarming as it is funny. Also, it has some very clever twists and turns that surprised me.Jack Black is so funny, even more funnier than he was in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, IMO. Dylan Minnette is very good and adorable as always, but if you really want to see him acting, watch Don't Breathe or Netflix's series 13 Reasons Why. Odya Rush also is good, and Jillian Bell is hilarious as aunt Lorraine.Unfortunately, although I was engaged and very entrained in very second in this movie, I didn't really care, or rather worry about the characters. I didn't feel they were in danger. So this movie absolutely doesn't work as a thriller. As a PG-rated horror movie, this movie, of course, doesn't have to scare me. But the problem is that it becomes a bit tedious and lukewarm almost every time it tries to be scary. The visual effects could have been better, but it really don't have to be. Actually, I prefer to see the CGI in this quality, because it fits the campiness and the charming silliness of the movie, just like the original Jumanji. I can't believe how much I liked Goosebumps. I kept putting off watching it, and I thoroughly regret. I can't wait to watch the sequel!(7.5/10)

Michael O'Keefe

Not real happy about moving to a small town in Maryland, Zach (Dylan Minnette), quickly has an attitude adjustment after meeting the awesome girl next door, Hannah (Odeya Rush). The girl's father is gruff and not accepting of people; the mysterious dad happens to be R.L. Stine (Jack Black), the creator of the bestselling young readers Goosebumps series. Zach accidentally finds out a secret about the author, the monsters in his books are conjured in his fears and stay hidden in the books...until the Stine family library is intruded and a book is haphazardly opened. Now expect monsters of all sizes on the loose.Consider this a fun family flick. Any scares are quite tame and or lame. Most jokes are actually funny enough for adults. Imaginative enough to be a repeat Halloween favorite. Directed by Rob Letterman; plenty of action and color.Also in the cast: Amy Ryan, Halston Sage, Ryan Lee, Steven Kruger and Timothy Simons.


If you were a 90s kid like me well you'd probably have seen the TV show goosebumps. This show used to terrify me as a kid as I found the haunted mask and the dummy episodes scared me so much. Tim Burton wanted to do a film on the show but he turned it down and fast forward to 2015 and Rob Letterman directed a film on the show. Dylan Minnette plays Zach Cooper who moved into a new town along with his widowed mother.Zach notices a strange mam living next door with his daughter and Zach suspects that his a sociopath. Turns out the man is R. L Stine the author of goosebumps played by Jack Black.But when Zach and his school friend Champ sneak into R. L Stines house and accidentally summons a monster off one of R.L Stines books. This also has the evil dummy Slappy also voiced by black who escapes out of the book and summons all the monsters. But will R. L Stine and the gang be able to summon all the monsters back. Overall I thought this film was decent. Jack Black was great in this and the visuals were good. Just think of Jumamji meets Inkheart and you get this flick. The CGI was not too bad either. Too bad all the charcthers weren't in it e.g haunted mask. Good.


Ever since Empire gave this 4 stars, I've wanted to see this and finally bought it on DVD. My hopes started high, with some great comedy moments with Zach's try-hard aunt and the two inept cops. However, once the monsters are unleashed, the movie becomes entirely preoccupied with a race-against-time plot and those nuanced characters get hopelessly lost in lazy clichés. Everything in the script is too easy.MINOR SPOILERS: Zach meets a cute girl right next door and she's immediately into him. There's an improbably spectacular location introduced at the start, which you know is being set up for later in the film. The geeky sidekick gets to play hero to the most gorgeous girl in the school. And so on it goes. Worse still, the plot makes no sense in terms of how and why these monsters are unleashed in the first place.By the time the action gets going, it's as if the execs said "Don't bother will all that clever dialogue and character development - we just want a Gremlins/Small Soldiers type affair". The movie never stops long enough to give its characters breathing space, so the writer is forced to shoehorn in some truly cringe-inducing sentimentality.For all that, Goosebumps is a good fun ride, albeit with some sub-standard CGI. Enjoy it - just try not to think about it too hard.