Mommy (2014)

May. 22,2014

A peculiar neighbor offers hope to a recent widow who is struggling to raise a teenager who is unpredictable and, sometimes, violent.



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Sorry, this movie sucks

Suman Roberson

It's a movie as timely as it is provocative and amazingly, for much of its running time, it is weirdly funny.

Sanjeev Waters

A movie that not only functions as a solid scarefest but a razor-sharp satire.

Lachlan Coulson

This is a gorgeous movie made by a gorgeous spirit.

Hendrik Kleve

The director of this film seems does not know anything or does not want to know (even worser when so) about dramatisation. The story is very boring and uninteresting, for sure for the general public. Acting is awful,mostly "over the top"=overacting, you feel and see that the actors/actresses are acting (very bad when you got that feeling!) This film is one of the most bad films I have ever seen in my life(I am now 71) after seeing about 4400 films and of them most of all the films made by the famous filmdirectors in the world history of filmmaking, as is : Bergmann,Fellini,Kubrick Another good second very bad film is Paper soldier ( made by the son of the Russian filmdirector Herman) That this film has won so much prizes and admirers is nearly only by making a hype about a film which seems to be quite normal nowadays. It seems also because the voters in Cannes etc. cannot find another film to promote of its real values!


One thing that struck me was the incredible attention to detail that Dolan possesses. As we learn about Dies financial problems and struggles with making ends meet one scene in particular backs up this statement. The nail polish bottles in the refrigerator. A thing that people who buy cheap nail polish is familiar with and such a beautiful use of mise-en-scene. The film works solely because of Dolans unique attention to detail and is a delight to watch because of it.


I have seen this film a couple of months ago. However, the initial feeling, still, lingers. The emotions it conveys are so profound, that they make a long-term mark on the audience.Dolan has really outdone himself this time. Especially, the part with experiencing with the different screen ratio. Even though he is not the first one to use this technique, it found an excellent spot in presenting the constant inner conflicts that all main characters are experiencing, especially, their inability to find a solution and get out of the cages they have imposed on themselves. The one time the screen widens for a moment is during the Wonderwall scene, where Steve feels free for one a slight moment, then it comes back to the mundane life problems.After the gradual introduction, I was really starting to feel a bit driven up the wall with this small ratio, like a small crack in a wall through which I am trying to make a complete picture of the characters. Hereupon, the On ne change pas scene took place, which literally knocked me down. An extraordinary scene, music depicted both situation and their emotions so vividly: Steve's dance, feeling emotionally free for a moment. Another important aspect is the acting. Stunning performance by Anne Dorval, loving, determined mother, who wants to keep her child no matter what, as she is driven by her guilty conscience that she hasn't given Steve appropriate childhood. Also, young Antoine-Olivier Pilon gave an excellent role of the disrupted adolescent, who is trying to find his place under the sun and fight his psychiatric problems. In a summary, breathtaking experience, strong, visceral movie, that will not leave you indifferent. Highly recommended!

Matthew Luke Brady

You know what sucks? I already did my top movies of 2014 list, now if I only watched this movie before making the list this would have made the list easily. Well I got something to learn next time.The story is about a single mom's drama about raising her son, who's behavior deteriorates into violence, due to a mild mental illness.I first took interest in the film Mommy just because of the hype and the positive praise it got from the 2014 Cannes Film Festival and the amount of awards it won from the Jutra Awards and Canadian Screen Awards for best Foreign Language film, but not a Academy Award for Foreign Film at the Oscars. Since I am watching more Foreign Language films and searching the ones that got high ratings or just the ones that may interest me, because I'm taking a break from some movies today as they normally not very good or just too Hollywood for me, I mean movies today are getting pretty stale and cliché as nothing feels originally anymore. When Hollywood tries to make a original movie that's down to earth it's laughable. These something about Foreign Language films that always feel real and sometimes so tight with it's story and ending that most movie studios will shy away from and I love it. So I checked out the 2014 Award Wining Mommy and it was absolutely brilliant, I mean how could I even dear overlook this I mean this is a great movie right here and true film making at it's best.Not only did the Oscar screw up for not awarding this for Best Foreign Language film, they also didn't nominate Anne Dorval for Best Actress, because she did one of the best, the most heart felt and the most real piece of performance I've seen in 2014. I felt her struggle and the mix relationship between her and the missed behaved son. There was many scenes in the movie were the son and her have this argument over each over and it never felt like I was just watching actors reading out the script and pretending that they related, no they back and forward arguments always felt real and I bough it. Oh and I found out most of the awards that this movie won are not just for the Foreign Language Award but most of the awards went to her and she deserves it and a Oscar too for god shake. At the Cannes Film Festival Julianne Moore won for Best Actress for Maps to the Stars and I haven't seen Maps to the Stars yet so I can't really judge on her performance in that movie since I haven't seen it, but Anne Dorval was nominated in that category so it was disappointing that she didn't take the award, but I have seen Still Alice and she won a Oscar for that role, but Anne Dorval should have took that Oscar home as she did a much better than Moore as I connected to Anne Dorval more and how her performance made me feel different emotions that I never felt before while watching the movie.Antoine-Olivier Pilon is a unknown star to me as I haven't seen him in any other movies before so this is basically the first ever performance I get to see him in and man god can this kid act, I mean he was so good in the movie. Just like I said about Anne Dorval and that is all the time it never felt like acting to me, it felt real. Antoine plays the misbehaved son perfectly that he actually catches the trouble child very well since I have seen young people like him in real life and how they act is just like him. I also love how they never force the message of "He's got a mental illness oh feel sorry for him". The movie never puts that in your face like most movies do when they try to be realistic or make you feel something for the character. He's performance showed both angry, goofy, troubled and damaged but all that is in he's performance and it never feels force and that was so well done that movie didn't slip into that cliché that happens in most movies and that's due to Antoine-Olivier Pilon excellent performance.The director of the movie Xavier Dolan which I haven't really seen any of his last work so this is my first movie directed by him and a great start. This is film making at it's best, I mean the cinematography is beautiful, the tone of the movie can switch to serious drama but quickly change to happy and many other tones and it didn't ruin the movie like most do. Xavier Dolan did both a excellent job on directing the movie and making this as down to earth as possible showing characters and they problems that most people can relate to. Awesome work Xavier Dolan.For problems with the movie I haven't really got any to be honest, but I'm not going to give this the perfect rating as I think this isn't on the level of 5/5 rating it can ever get it, but the rating I'm giving it is really outstanding and it's the highest rating I give this week.Overall I say that Mommy is worth checking it if you haven't seen it yet. It's worth your time and don't do the same mistake as I did and not watch this fantastic movie.