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The Best of Youth

The Best of Youth (2003)

May. 19,2003

Spanning four decades, from the chaotic 1960s to the present, director Marco Tullio Giordana's passionate epic 'La Meglio Gioventu' follows two Italian brothers through some of the most tumultuous events of recent Italian history.



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To me, this movie is perfection.


I am only giving this movie a 1 for the great cast, though I can't imagine what any of them were thinking. This movie was horrible

Jonah Abbott

There's no way I can possibly love it entirely but I just think its ridiculously bad, but enjoyable at the same time.

Kaelan Mccaffrey

Like the great film, it's made with a great deal of visible affection both in front of and behind the camera.


It starts in 1966 Rome. Nicola and Matteo Carati are on the verge of adulthood. Matteo volunteers at a mental hospital where he takes an interest in troubled patient Giorgia. The brothers believe that she has been abused with electro-shock therapy. This mini-series follows the brothers as they navigate life, love, and turmoil. Matteo joins the military and then the police. Nicola becomes a psychiatrist and have a child with Giulia who turns into a political radical. Nicola would meet up with Giorgia again. This time she is tied down to a bed like many of the other patients.The first part of this series centers around the intriguing character of Giorgia. To be frank, she's the face on the poster and the face of the show. Her predicament draws in the audience. Then she disappears from the show. The brothers' story moves on. Their lives meander and take differing turns. Some of it is interesting but I kept wondering what happened to Giorgia until the series crosses path with her again. I would be more interested in this life-story epic if it deals more with her. Nevertheless, it has interesting turns and has an epic feel for the personal stories.


I've had the biggest trouble rating this movie, First of all the characters depicted in this movie are superb, complex, deep, sad, brilliantly acted, etc. I've never seen a movie that has so many complex characters. Lots of praise.Second, the pictures are most of the time very, very beautiful, everything has been thought of, in the smallest detail. Lots of praise for this as well.You'd say, why don't you give this movie 10 out of 10 then? because of the plot. The plot is good, though, I believe they could've done a better job, some plot points aren't as good as they could be, and some parts of the plot have been overreacted, especially the sad parts, some other (better parts) of the plot flash by, which is a pity.This is the reason I had such a hard time voting, plot is way worse than the acting, the characters, the pictures, the soundtrack, etc. characters: 10/10 acting: 10/10 plot: 7/10 result: 8/10I would recommend this movie to anyone, and in particular people who love drama, just a story of a person. Or to people that like great soundtracks, or to people that like beautiful pictures in movies, etc. etc.Funny part: At the end of the movie, the mother (Giuglia) looks younger than the daughter, well, she has got gray hair, but that's about it, no wrinkles, nothing. It's hard to make people age 40 years in one movie, I know, so, director, you have my respect for Adriana, because she really ages perfectly, although when you look carefully, you do see she's only in her 30s instead of her 70s... :)


This is the most beautiful film I have ever had the pleasure of watching. 6 hours seems short compared to how long this film with affect me for. There are countless moments where one cannot help but smile and stare in awe of this work. The camera work is stunning, the acting is gorgeous, the locations are sumptuous, the breadth and quality of the music is wonderful; I cannot think of another film that one can say that about. And that is not even touching upon other virtues such as how witty, philosophically deep and politically moving it is. It is quite simply a tour de force of film making. I defy anyone to watch this and not be enthralled and moved by its beauty. Incredible.


Most films of this length feel profoundly cumbersome and overdone - after spending most of a day watching this, this engaging film left all of us wanting more.Most films that aspire to capture epic, multi-generational stories have a great deal of difficulty with a cinematic form, but this film makes it seem effortless and natural.The cinematography is understated and stunning, and the performances of the cast is astounding. It's surprisingly lean and and totally engaging, and the nearly-invisible direction is peerless.There isn't much else to say, except see it!